'Good art is a form of prayer. It's a way to say what is not sayable.' Frederich Busch


LAKSHMI DEVADASS is a passionate Bharathanatyam dancer from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, South India. Originally from Coimbatore, she currently lives in Fribourg, Switzerland.

Lakshmi began her early Bharathanatyam education in the Tanjore Pandannalur style with Guru Ganapathiappan in Coimbatore, South India.
She has since trained with several others and now studies Bharathnatyam in Chennai with Shrimathi Naga Priya , Shri A. Lakshman, Shri Shanmugasundaram and karnatic vocal singing with Shri Radhakrishnan.

Lakshmi has numerous solo Bharathnatyam recitals in Switzerland, India & Japan. Besides successfully performing traditional, classical Bharathnatyam regularly, she has also worked with fusion performance with the prominent Bernese jazz musician Pudi Lehman.

Lakshmi has also considerable experience with the theatre, and has been actively involved with the English speaking theatre group “Upstage” in Berne, Switzerland. She has also attended theatre workshop with Christian Mattis of “Lynx”.

Lakshmi practises yoga, kriya yoga with Shri Janakananda and has also trained with yogachari Shri Sushil Bhattacharia.

Besides frequently performing Bharathanatyam, South Indian classical dance, Lakshmi presently teaches Bharathanatyam regularly in Bern & Fribourg. Lakshmi is constantly collecting intricate items for her Bharathnatyam repertoire.